Rick as a fairy? Nathan Fillion’s character will go undercover in order to uncover the mystery behind the death of an ice cream vendor. “The Castle” season 7, episode 4 spoilers reveal that dealing with kids will bring out Kate’s maternal side.

counting up the years → episode one of each season





why does he have so many pots and pans dear lord

Can we talk about the fact that he rather build that thing, than wait one more day to have sex with her? Also … NO ONE owns that many pots and pans.

In flagranti 5 x 01 / 7 x 03



Give me a minute and let me slip into something special, okay?

If it’s something special I got you for Valentine’s day, I approve.

It’s even better… It’s invisible.

What really gets me is just how he looks at her. He looks at her as if he’s never seen her body before. He still gets breathless at the very sight of her naked form, which he must have seen hundreds of times before now. 

Her body is still the most beautiful sight he’s ever beheld and that’s just so…extraordinary.

This. So much this. His expression made this scene absolutely epic. He’s so head over heels for her that every time he sees her, it’s a gift and a bounty and a thousand times better than he imagined, than it was last time.

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